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Susan Aurinko

Susan Aurinko has shown her work in France, Italy, and India, as well as in the US. Her photographs are included in public and private collections in half a dozen countries, including the permanent collections of LUMA (Loyola University Museum of Art) The Union League Club of Chicago, and four pieces in the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Searching for Jehanne-The Joan of Arc Project was shown for four months at LUMA in 2017, and both her exhibition Still Point India and Searching for Jehanne: The Joan of Arc Project are available as books.  In addition, her images appear on the covers of many works of fiction in the US and the UK. Aurinko is represented in Chicago by Hilton Asmus Contemporary and in India by Kriti Gallery, and is the founder of the f8 Collective.


Annette Nieves

Annette Nieves was born and raised in Chicago, her passion for photography began as a teenager and she has never put her camera down. Annette pursued other professional careers but, in 2007 she listened to that "little voice within" and followed her soul's guidance and pursued her passion as a professional photographer.





Kristin Cass

Kristin Cass is a Chicago-based photographer.  Her work is animated by her concern for social and human rights issues, and her relationship to urban life. She believes that there are always stories to tell, and through these stories, art has the power to change the way we see the world.


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Adeline Sides

I am a Chicago based photographer who creates images as a means of reflecting upon the world.  For me the challenge is to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and find the essence that captivates.

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Barbara Calabrese

My subjects are whatever catch my eye and my work is a celebration of the life and joy around us. I have been photographing for most of my life and am happiest traveling the world with a camera in my hand. I am originally from Connecticut, and have lived in New York, Washington, DC, Nice, London, and now I call Chicago home.


Anne Evans

My artwork focuses on capturing details and scenes of the ordinary that reveal abstract compositions depicted through the use of color, pattern and texture. I examine and document these man-made marks at a given moment in time to uncover their inherent beauty.

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Wendy Love

Wendy Love, founder of Pivot Photography, specializes in photojournalism, event photography, and natural light portraits. She believes in the power of photos to capture vital moments, establish connections, and cause shifts in thinking.

Lydia Hoover

Lydia Hoover is an illustrator, event and food photographer originally from Los Angeles, now residing in Chicago.


Karen Egerer

After acquiring her father's Leica film camera, Karen began studying the art of photography and credits the Chicago Photography Center community, and now Women in Focus for challenging her on this photographic journey.


Debbie Poulin

I’ve always been drawn to things that don’t jump out at you, but sit patiently waiting to be heralded.  I like to return to the same place when possible at different times of year or day when the light has changed. The perfect tree isn’t what I want to capture, it’s the oddball tree with an old ornament still hung on it that makes me press the shutter.

Christina McFaul

In the sanctuary of the wild we get to see the most beautiful parts of ourselves reflected back at us. This is an exploration of the world through my lens.


Kirsten Fenton

Canadian born artist and fine art photographer Kirsten Fenton uses a camera to study the beauty of nature, human nature and the human form. She is known for evocative self-portraiture which documents personal journey fueled with emotion.

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Sarah Sanchez

Sarah seeks to capture extraordinary images from everyday and ordinary life.


Elaine Coorens

Taking pictures and developing them in grade school was wondrous, magical. Now photography is a passion for Elaine Coorens as she records tomorrow's history today, in photos and words as a journalist, author and photographer.